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Stupid, racist woman calls 911 because cab driver is “Very Muslim”

Prepare to be enraged!

Jennifer Crabbe is a worthless piece of crap that is very scared of Muslims. Now, I usually give people the benefit of the doubt when I watch a short internet clip of someone being an idiot… “Well, we don’t know the whole story” … “Well, this person could have just had a very bad thing happen to her” .. that is usually what I tell myself.

Not this time. 30 seconds in to this video is when I knew I hated this woman, and everything about her.  What makes her little stunt even more annoying is the fact the way she initiates the phone conversations with each of the dispatchers:

Dispatch: “911, whats your emergency?”
Worthless bitch: “Hello!”
Dispatch: “…uhh”
Worthless bitch: “How are you?”
Dispatch “…” 
Worthless bitch: “I’m scared!” 

I’m ready to punch the wall! The only thing that makes me feel better about this world is that she is being accused of a hate crime.