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How to program two remotes to a TempurPedic Ergo Bed

Tempurpedic Ergo Plus RemotesProgramming an additional remote to operate our TempurPedic Ergo Plus adjustable bed was not very intuitive, so here are the instructions on how to add another remote control to your unit:

  1. Buy an extra remote, install batteries.
  2. Under the bed, press and hold the LEARN button on the control unit  – hold this for 3 seconds.
  3. Now let off the button for about 1 second, then press (not hold) the button 2 times. This activates the second channel for association.
  4. Press any button on the new remote control.
  5. If the process succeeds, the LEDs on the power brick and control unit will turn off.
  6. Wait 10 seconds and then test.

Hopefully this saved you a call into their 800 number. No more fighting with your spouse over who gets the bed remote! Rejoice!

39 thoughts on “How to program two remotes to a TempurPedic Ergo Bed

  1. Beth

    Thank you so much for the info. Our 1st remote never worked right so they sent a replacement with NO programming instructions. Their customer service is just awful and these instructions were perfect.

    1. Anonymous

      Thank you for your help. I had a power outage and had to reset remote. I watched many videos on you tube, even changed my batteries but nothing worked until I ran across your post. So easy and helpful. Thanks.

    2. Aaron

      My dad is completely paralysed but he has a windows 10 tobbi computer that is eye sensor so he can use the computer with his eyes is there a way to program his pc so he can control his tempur-pedic bed with the built-in remote control on his pc?

    3. Christine

      Well, this worked…but instead of one remote controlling the bed, now I need both. How do I reprogram the remote so that only One remote controls both sides???

      1. Ted

        There may be a more elegant solution, but I just repeated the process with the same remote on the other bed frame and it works fine.

  2. Terry

    “This activates the second channel for association.” That was the tip I needed!

    Remote 1 – Press and hold learn 3 seconds. Press any button on remote.
    Remote 2 – Press and hold learn 3 seconds. Press learn twice (activates second cannel). Press any button on remote.

    We just got a single king with two bases and remotes. Repeated the above on the second side and now everything is in sync and each have our own remotes. Installers said it couldn’t be done, and as you pointed out the manual was not intuitive. Thanks!

  3. Ryan

    I am looking for help with my TEMPUR-pedicure Advanced ERGO bases. Trying to delink them. They are operating in tandem now with two remotes. I want to separate them so each base is controlled by a single remote. Can’t seem to clear the bases to allow reprogramming.

    Any ideas?

    1. Petz

      Ryan, the original post hints at how you can get each remote to control one side of the bed for an Ergo Advanced. What you want to do is follow his instructions to access the 2nd channel for the side B control/battery box and remote B. Then use the “normal” instructions to associate control/battery A with remote A. So complete instructions are:
      1. Hold LEARN-B down until light comes on, then lift finger.
      2. Wait 1 second then press LEARN-B twice
      3. Press HEAD-UP on remote B. If the procedure worked, light will blink twice on CONTROL-B box. Otherwise, repeat 1-3 with CONTROL BOX B closer to REMOTE B. Don’t try testing yet.
      4. Go to the A side of the bed.
      5. Hold LEARN-A down until light comes on
      6. Press HEAD-UP on remote A. If the procedure worked, light will blink twice on CONTROL-A. Otherwise repeat 5 and 6, possibly closer.
      7. Test the bed. Remote A should control A side and Remote B should control B side.

      PS – I found that the FLAT button didn’t seem to work for associating a remote if the bed was already flat, that’s why I said to use HEAD-UP to do the association process.

      1. Maya

        I have the grand advanced ergo system from 2012. Just upgraded to split king and having trouble getting the remote that was paired to both in sync to just control one side. Please help! Thanks. I assume I have to somehow reset the black box for A and then reset B and then resync each remote separately after memory is erased. Tried many videos and manuals but I have the light grey remotes with blue sides. Thanks?!?

  4. Erik

    Where is the learn button located? Sorry but I am not sure and they didn’t give me any paperwork with the bed when I bought it.

  5. Eric

    On my bed I purchased two weeks ago, there is no learn button but rather a WiFi reset button.
    I took a much simpler (at least for me approach).
    1) I modified the frequency of the remote 1 as follows:
    a) Unplug the bed.
    b) Held the Flat and Stop buttons down for around 10 seconds until the RF frequency was displayed
    c) pressed the “head +” button which puts a 5 on the display,
    d) then pressed the “leg -” button which adds an 8 so 58 shows on the display,
    e) then pressed the “FLAT” button and the new RF frequency 5080 begins to flash
    f) plug the bed back in within 30 seconds listening for the two sets of click from the power supply
    g) Remote 1 can now control the bed.
    2) Repeat steps b through g for Remote 2. Now both remotes should be set to RF frequency 5080 and able to control the bed.
    This is mostly described in the ShowRoom mode programming section of the users guide
    https://www.tempurpedic.com/…/9/Tempur_Ergo_Premier_Owners_Manual.pdf – page 29

  6. Rodney Anderson

    We bought a ergo plus king two bases. Foot and head. The delivery guys set it up for one remote in tandem. The sales person the instruction manual said you can program a second remote to run tandem. Sales person is a dumb ass and the instructions suck and you tube guy don’t speak English. I have tried every possiable combo. I only can get one remote to work. The second only operates half the base. You would think that spending over $ 7000 for a bed some one the sells them would know about the product.

  7. Mark Upshaw

    Dog ate remote…
    Tried to reprogram other remote, pressed learn for 3 seconds, led flashes, pressed key on remote (teb-100), doesn’t work

  8. Peter S Attrell

    We purchased a new Tempur-pedic Model TEB-100-R bed and when we elevate the head of the bed, it will not stay up. Is there something we need to be doing to stop this ?

  9. SoSausy

    Didn’t work AT FIRST for me. Just got a king with 2 bases. Installer guy only programmed one remote (so why did it come with 2???). He told my wife you could only program one remote at a time. EFF THAT! For $7K+, that’s complete + utter hogwash. Also, these dudes are just beefy movers, so don’t expect them to know how to work electronics. Found this article, tried it out for myself. We’re all smarter here than anyone in customer service at Tempurpedic, apparently…

    I finally got both remotes to work in tandem after several attempts at programming each side. At first I just programmed the nonworking remote with channel #2, since remote #1 was already working in tandem. But that created a wonky situation where only one side was moving.

    TIP #1: Mark your remotes #1 and #2, because you have to program each remote to each hydraulic base. Also designate each base side as #1 and #2, so you don’t confuse yourself. That was probably my issue at first while crawling around the floor under the bed with 2 remotes falling out of my hoodie pocket.

    TIP #2: Stay under the bed with the remote while holding the LEARN BUTTON, so that when you press a button on the remote, it’s very close to the power unit with the LEARN BUTTON on it (can’t think what to call that thing).

    TIP #3: Pace yourself when pushing the buttons. Don’t do it too fast. If it’s not working for you, keep trying. I finally got mine to work properly.

    Thanks for posting this article. You’re a scholar + a saint.

  10. Kate

    While moving, I lost the original remote for my adjustable bed base. I ordered a new one online but it arrived with no instructions and of course it didn’t work with my bed. I waited several months for my son to come over and look at it, finally he said, “why don’t you look online?” I did, your instructions are here, easy peasy, and I did it myself! Thanks!!

  11. Kevin

    My wife and I purchased a new Tempur Ergo queen single base, not a split base. The bed came with 1 remote (RF358A Zero G) we purchased a second (same model) remote, it’ll program to the base but then the original remote is then unpaired. I’ve tried your instructions above and LED light turns off and remote still isn’t programmed to 2nd channel is the single queen base only 1 channel?

    1. Amanda

      I’m having the same problem. It seems these instructions don’t work for the 2019 models. The issue I’m running into is that to pair the first remote, you push the learn button twice. But these instructions say to push twice for the 2nd remote, thereby overwriting the first remote for our model. We’re you able to solve the mystery? I’m still searching.

    2. Linda

      We are having the same problem but with a king Ergo single base. We wanted a remote for each night stand. Second remote came today. We followed David’s (original post) instructions with no luck. Did you ever figure it out?

    3. Lynette

      We’ve been trying to pair a second remote on a standard cal king base… no luck yet. If anyone can help I’d be very grateful. 2019 model.


    I am having trouble with my remote it is staying lit up and has the code 1.0.4 and will not work the bed

  13. Mary

    Thanks so much for this! My bed does indeed have a control unit with a “Learn” button, and once I found the box–no mean feat with storage boxes underneath–your suggestions worked like a charm! My original remote was flaky from the beginning, and then just died. I was thrilled that the company sent me out a new one at no charge, but was totally perplexed that I couldn’t figure out how to make it work. Thanks again.

  14. John Bustos

    Purchased a second remote for convenience and we have a problem paring a second remote for our TempurPedic Ergo Extend adjustable base (regular king with front and rear bases). Contacted TempurPedic technical support and I was told that paring a second remote was not possible. Any possible solutions?

    Purchased base and remote January 2020

  15. Dana Meadows

    I need help..I purchased split base (2015 model) with two remotes. Somehow my remotes work the bed so I have two remotes that operate both sides. HELP

  16. Jim Reid

    Hard to figure out if there is a solution for programming a second remote to cal king single base? Please let me know. Would like one on each side of bed. Tempur pedic says no!!!

  17. Lorraine

    I haven’t had any luck trying to program the reprogrammable buttons. We purchased a king size single base, not the split base, in 2021. I followed the instructions which says you have to hold down four buttons at once until the remote flashes. Am I doing something wrong?


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