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How to nuke someone’s DropBox

dropboxDoes your worst enemy have a Dropbox account? This nasty trick may be your path to digital revenge, if your revenge is worth 800 dollars. This information is for hypothetical argument.  Do not do this in real life.

  1. Go get a DropBox for Teams account.
  2. Invite your enemy to the Team account… they will be enticed by the 1+ TB space. If they don’t accept the invite, you’re SOL.
  3. After they accept the invite, log in and revoke their access to your team. This will delete not just their team account, but their entire personal dropbox account as well! 

This is not a bug, hack or exploit, but rather a documented function of how this is supposed to work. Use at your own risk…. if your revenge is really worth $800.

Top Ten Worst Songs of 2012

Fans of the Youtube user ADoseOfBuckley and his Musical Autopsies will love this 2012 year-end round up. If you have 20 minutes to kill, watch this. It’s worth it. Unless you like Nicki Minaj.

We agree with the entire list <SPOILERS BELOW>:

  1. 4 way Tie for the #1 worst song of 2012:
    1. Nicki Minaj – Starships
    2. Nicki Minaj – Stupid Hoe
    3. Nicki Minaj – Beez in the Trap
    4. Nicki Minaj – Pound the Alarm
  2. Rihanna ft. Chris Brown – Birthday Cake
  3. Flo Rida – Whistle
  4. fun. ft. Janelle Monae – We Are Young
  5. Madonna ft. Nicki Minaj and MIA
  6. Juicy J. ft. Lil’ Wayne and 2 Chainz – Bandz A Make Her Dance
  7. Future – Turn on The Lights
  8. Toby Keith – Red Solo Cup
  9. Justin Bieber ft. Big Sean – As Long As You Love Me
  10. Bella Thorne – TTYLXOX


Sign up for eFax, get harassing calls from 323-860-9200

eFax is a ScamLast night I signed up for a free trial of eFax. I only needed to receive one fax, so the free trial seemed like a good option.

This morning, at 7:30am I started receiving calls from (323) 860-9200. I didn’t answer any of them, and each call resulted in a voicemail about 30 seconds in length, of someone in a call center breathing.

I don’t know what this is about, but there is absolutely no reason for this company to be calling me at 7:30am roughly 10 hours after I signed up for a FREE 30 day trial.

My amusing chat with them this morning:

You are now chatting with ‘Stanley K.’
Stanley K.: Hello, David. Welcome to online Fax support. I am Stanley Kox, your online Live Support Representative. How may I assist you?
David: I’ve been receiving repeated phone calls from an eFax number this morning, since signing up for my free trial. 
David: What is prompting these early morning (7:30am) phone calls from your company?
Stanley K.: I absolutely understand your concern and sincerely apologize for the difficulty that you have encountered.
Stanley K.: We need to make verification to make sure that the accounts belong to the customer or not.
Stanley K.: If the account does not belong to you then we go ahead and close the account to avoid any future issues.
David: So, you need to do this in addition to all of hte information and valid credit card information I’ve already provided? 
David: no other company in the world that I’ve ever dealt with does this
Stanley K.: We are sorry, that you received the calls in the early morning.
Stanley K.: We will make sure that it will not happen again.

I think I’ll just cancel. It isn’t worth the early morning wake up call!

7 Ways to spot a fake review

The spread of fake online reviews of products or businesses is becoming a real problem, as outlined in a recent NYT article.  There are sites popping up that offer a pay-for-review service, where for a fee, they will add a positive review to Amazon, Google, Yelp, etc.

How to spot a fake reviewHere are seven ways to spot a fake review:

1.  Look at the history of the user posting a positive review – Did the user post other positive reviews of businesses unrelated to the one you’re looking at? If there was only one glowing review for a single product or business, it is most likely a fake review. Dig even further and look to make sure the account history makes sense.  Reviews for business in many different geographical location should also set off your fake-review alarm.

2. The review states who they were with – Research has shown reviews that start out by telling the reader who they experienced the product/business with are more often fake.

3. The review explicitly states the name and location of the product or business –  Reviews that contain sentences like “this was our first time visiting Taco Time in Mobile, Alabama” have a higher likelihood to be fake.

4. The review uses “I” and “me” – Fake reviews tend to overuse the first-person singular.

5. Too many adverbs – The overuse of the words “very”, “really” may indicate a fake review.

6. Too many verbs in the review – This one may be tough to spot, but overuse of verbs (“go”, “eat”, “wait”, “get”) in general happens more often in fake reviews.

7. Use of “!” or “!!!!” – Doing this, and adding positive emotion into the review may give away a fake review.  Research shows that real reviews contain less positive emotion than fake ones.

The source of this information is a paper published by Cornell University department of Computer Science.