How to get your money back from eFax

eFax is a huge scam. That isn’t news to anyone. Between the harassing calls from eFax and their shady billing practices, I’m not sure how they are still in business. After trialing their service, and then cancelling within my trial, I received a cancel confirmation email. But this didn’t stop eFax (J2 Global Inc) from charging my credit card 15 days later (charge appeared as “J2 *EFAX PLUS SERVICE 323-817-3205 CA”).


The chat and phone support provided by eFax is awful, and you won’t get anywhere by contacting them. If eFax scammed you, here’s how to get your money back very quickly:

  1. Document any contact with eFax support. I saved the chat logs, and all emails from them.
  2. Request a refund with eFax: If eFax wrongly charged your card, request a refund via their online chat. Save this chat log by copying and pasting. If you’d rather call, the number is 800-287-3499. Keep in mind you can not legally record the conversation without telling the other party on the phone.
  3. Submit a BBB complaint: You need to do this on the local BBB site. For J2/eFax, it is the LA office. First, look up the company using this information: J2 Global, Inc – 6922 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 500, Hollywood, CA 90028. Phone: 888-760-1112. Be very detailed. Outline the date that you signed up, the date that you cancelled, and when your card was charged. Demand that the company issue a full refund and close your account as a resolution.
  4. Do a charge-back: After submitting the complaint, I got a full refund to my card the very next day. If you do not get any results with the BBB after a week, or if you don’t even want to bother with any of it, just contact your credit card company and dispute the charge. If you have a half-way-decent credit card (Amex), they’ll just refund your money without too many questions.
  5. Small claims court: If you really want to screw with this company and have a well-documented case, consider a small claims case. You can file in your local court (you don’t need to fly to California). Small claims courts are designed to proceed without lawyers, so just bring your documented case. The company may ask for the case to be moved to a higher-level court, but it will at the very least create a headache for them.

Here is the response received from eFax within 24 hours of filing the BBB complaint:

Our customer contact data shows that the consumer had contacted eFax® support via chat on December 18, 2012, and requested to close his account. However, due to anomaly the cancellation was not completed and the consumer mistakenly incurred a charge. We have since corrected the error and completed the closure of the consumer’s account. Additionally, we processed a refund of $16.95 (consisting of all charges incurred) to the consumer’s affected credit card. The Collection Number for the reimbursement is XXXXXXX. The refund should be reflected on the consumer’s account shortly and is dependent on the consumer’s credit card provider. We apologize for any misunderstanding and any inconvenience it may have caused. We appreciate the consumer’s patience, as well as understanding in this matter.

22 thoughts on “How to get your money back from eFax

  1. Wayne goldsmith

    I’m am tired of y’all taking money out my account for something I didn’t sign up for and not getting any service I did not sign up for y’all service and I want all my money back that y’all have been taking out my account each month hope 2 be hearing from y’all soon I want my money back

  2. Stephen Howlett

    How has this phoney con company called J2 Efax been allowed to steal without being closed down. Theve been taking 10 quid a month out of my bank and I’ve never even signed up with the scumbags. Will be reporting these conmen and want to see some enquirey into their shadey dealings

  3. PJ

    J2 Efax has been taking money from my checking for months and months and months. And, eventhough I have requested, in multiple emails to J2 Efax. J2 Efax has refused to close the trial account, kept taking my funds monthly until i filed a claim with my bank last month, and now efax states in an email that they to not accept emailed requests for account cancellation and keeps attempting to take my funds, and refuses to return the funds they have been taking from me for almost a year to date, which has only been used approx twice in a year.

  4. Daniel V Coppola

    On 12/16/15 I performed a Google search for FREE FAX services, because I needed to receive a fax but did not have a landline. I was directed to Efax for a free online fax receipt and completed the required fields to #(808) 356-0581. I received a single fax on that date, and no others, except for a junkman fax advertisement for junk cars which was received on 04/12/16. I suspect their own systems are capable of generating junk faxes.

    On 12/16/15 March 27th, I discovered that Efax had been charging my CapitalOne M/C in the amount of $16.95 (x3) total of $50.85USD, plus an additional (partial) fee of $21.90.

    The first call I placed to J2 Efax customer service at 14:49 (HT) lasted 17 minutes, as I was placed on hold to speak to a supervisor and subsequently was disconnected after being placed on a long hold.

    I called back at 15:07 (HT) again placed on hold and disconnected after 1 minute.

    At 15:29 (HT) I called J2 Efax TierOne customer service and spoke to “Niles”(operator #7314) in Ottawa, Canada, but they again refused to refund. I excalated up the chain to the supervisors since Tier One is typically limited by superiors to do anything besides run interference and log a call or generate a ticket for resolution. I received a conf#12097531. The next level escalation stated that they would not refund, in addition they would charge me for a partial month “fee” of $21.90USD on top of $50.85 they had already charged me. The second call lasted for 26 minutes of runaround and no resolution from the top supervisor “MANIFH” who claimed there was nobody with higher authority than he in the call center. The only resolution he offered was to offer 2 months free and continue to keep my card active on their systems. I told him that was unacceptable as a remedy. I requested transfer to the executive offices for resolution as the highest level of call center management should be able to resolve disputes without executive involvement. I was told that he would open a trouble ticket (#12097671), and a manager would call me back within 24-48 hours.

    I then Google the words “Efax Fraud”and results popped up with many customer complaints noting “Fraud” and “SCAM”, and similar horror stories from others who had been duped by the “FREE” fax service they offer.

    At 15:56 (HT) I called my credit card company and spoke with “Dennis” in their fraud dept. and explained the situation to him. He contacted Efax customer service directly via conference call with me, and we went thru the entire runaround once more with no resolution this time recorded with CapOne on the line; that call lasted for 52 minutes. We were serviced by “Mohammed” in the Canada call center, who eventually transferred us to the supervisor “Manifh” once more. Manifh was no further assistance. Instead we were informed that another FAX had been received in April 2016, inferring that I was actively using their service. I immediately looked into the account and found the “junk” fax advertisement, from an “UNKNOWN” sender. We were once again told that an email had been generated and that someone would call me back tomorrow or the next day, but the top tier could not resolve, or were not willing to resolve the refund matter. The credit card issuer agreed to file and submit a dispute on the Efax transactions.

    This matter remains unresolved.

    It seems they give you the runaround, waste your time, until you simply give up. In my opinion this is truly a SCAM, and this is the business model this company presents and scripts their call centers deliberately to promote the scheme. (SCAM)

  5. DW

    Same complaint. Called to cancel and the village idiot on the other end stated ” We don’t have to cancel your membership”. Our bank statement reflected multiple charges of varying amounts even though the numbers/voice have never been used. I contacted our back who advised that because of how J2 routes the billing, they have no idea where the money is sent and cannot stop it. They advised we need to cancel the card used and get a new number. Meanwhile we have very little recourse short of what was indicated here if you have the time.

  6. Joke van der Biessen

    I want my money back, all 5 or 6 years get written off and I do not use it.
    J2 EFAX PLUS SERVICE 35318440810 GB

  7. WTF J2Fax

    I’ve never heard of this company, never signed up for any kinda trial, but yet here they are billing my debit card!!!! Thankful for good fraud protection from my bank!!

  8. Philip Flood

    We had subscribed to for many years for faxing service and never had a problem. We have had no reason to use their services for the last few months but had been happy to continue our subscription for the times we might want to use it. We just noticed a charge for $17 on our creditcard statement from a merchant named “”. I went onto the web page listed and called the contact number there and never was able to speak to an actual person, just the runaround from one menu to another. I googled them only to find lots of complaints about unauthorized use of credit cards. I noticed that my statement did not have the usual $10 charge to Maxemail so I went onto their site only to find it was no longer there but instead was a direct link to Out of curiosity I followed the link and tried logging in with my maxemail name/pw but was unsuccessful as info unrecognized. I contacted American Express to file a dispute and they referred me to their fraud dept where I filed a complaint.

    Maxemail have obviously sold out or gone out of business but had no right to give my credit card info to other companies and Efax committed fraud when they charged the card, as at no time had I ever registered with them or subscribed. Even if their service was the same price, never mind 70% more, they still had no authority to charge without authorization.

    Most of the complaints seem to be about them charging creditcards long after the person cancelled, so I think I am the first person who has never even registered with them to complain, but I can’t believe that there are no other maxemail customers who have not been ripped off similarly. This is probably only happened within the last week.

  9. Sonali Thakkar

    I signed up to send one fax on 12th dec,2016. And they charged me 1$ for the same. And later on, they converted account to subscription on 12th jan,2017. I am an indian customer.
    I tried to search for cancellation option on 11th jan IST.But there was no option.I found one no online to cancel the account, but they kept me on hold for 20 mins and did not cancel account. And later according to PST 12th jan they charged me with 12.5$.
    I have not used any of their services. I want my 12.5$back on my credit card.

  10. Robin Brockway

    same problem, sent emails requesting cancellation within trial period, no response and took €18 out. no response to subsequent emails and still attempting to take money. best to call bank and put a stop on the forthcoming and all future debits from J2 *EFAX PLUS SERVICE. Incidentally the only fax I tried to send did not work anyway and had to find person with actual fax machine (few and far between!). Verging on scam, if incompetence it’s totally in their favour and that’s a scam as far as I’m concerned. Avoid like the plague!

  11. John Thurman

    I just got a charge on my account from these guys and went back through my account and realized they have hit me 3 different times for 16.95 16.95 and 21.90

    I called and after a very long period of time- they were kind enough to close an account I never opened, but refuse to reverse the charges as they say it is a valid account.

    For a valid account – they could not pull the info with my Name or my email, the last four of my card number. Actually asked me to give them my full card number??? I don’t even know who these people are and they are already in my account, no likely to give them that information.
    They eventually found an account- under what was not my email – gave me a cancellation number, but I highly doubt this will stop the charges

    I will be reversing the charges myself, reporting to better business bureau, and of course posting on this site

  12. Carol

    Thank you all that have warned people. I signed up for the “Free Trial” also and they charged me $1.00 the first day–said it was to verify the account. I canceled 3 weeks later and never used the service at all. I will tell my bank about the fraudulent charges if they try to bill me again!! Thank you all for the warning!!

  13. Moe

    They charged my credit card $99.99 and I disputed with my credit card company. Finally today I spoke with eFax after they put me on hold for 20 mins they said my account is closed and I can’t get refund. This charge is less than a month and I did not use their service. I will contact BBB and complain about eFax as well.
    With everyone help maybe we can put end to their scam.
    Thank you,

  14. david

    eFax falsely charged my bank account $99.99. After nearly a month of empty promises/B.S. responses to refund my money within the next 24-48 hours, I followed the directions above (BBB) and within 2 days I received a full refund ($99.99). Make sure to use the eFax “Live Chat” so there’s a written record of your conversations. Live Chat is the sales department but they will transfer you to a so called “Support Team”. I had this information below on a Word document so I could copy/paste my responses.
    1. Checking the status of my refund.
    2. eFax # (if you have it)
    3. Last 4 digits of billing credit card/bank account
    Keep checking back in via Live Chat every few days so you have a weeks worth (3-4 conversations) of eFax Support telling you your money will be refunded in 24-48 hours, copy to a Word document. You will need this info. when filling out the BBB complaint. Copy /paste your eFax conversations in the appropriate BBB complaint section.
    You can also call eFax Support (India) but make sure you get a call reference number.
    I didn’t get an email from eFax like the OP, just checked my bank account every few days.
    eFax has 450+ complaints (LA) filed against them for unauthorized bank charges and a “F” rating. Also watch out for other J2 subsidiaries like “”. They’re next on my list for $9.99 monthly charges after I cancelled the subscription.

  15. Damon

    Do not deal with these douche bags!!! Complete scum. Charged my card without my authorization and refused to refund it even though I prepaid for an entire year. I have no idea how they get away with this crap. Amounts to criminal conduct Imo.

  16. Michael Proite

    When i tried the cancel efax , the chat service tech actually pretended that we were disconnected . Although i could see my IM’s to him and also see his lol .

  17. Yehoshua Sivan

    I signed up for the following:
    Monthly Recurring Charge : $16.95
    (Not charged until after your free trial ends.)
    Activation : Free!

    However the confirmation letter [from eFax Customer Service ] received at my e-mail address said:
    Thank you for choosing eFax Plus! Please save this email as you’ll need these details to update your account and edit your user settings.

    After a week I cancelled the trial, through their UK Customer Service number +442039497354.
    I would have thought no more about it, until I saw that I had been charged $26.95.
    I phoned their UK Customer Service, and was told by a man that since I had signed for eFax Plus I was charged from the date that I had signed up (for the Free Trial !) $16.95 + $10 activation fee. I said that I never signed up for eFax Plus, but he insisted that I had, and that no refund was possible.

    I decided to got through the signing up process again, to see if at any point I had accidentally signed up for eFax Plus. Sure enough, after signing up for the Free Trial, I received the same e-mail saying I had signed up for eFax Plus.
    I promptly called UK Customer Service, and told them that this was downright dishonest and fraudulent, and after the woman handling my call consulted with some superior, she confirmed that I would receive a refund for my first (cancelled) subscription within 4-5 working days, and that this second Free Trial subscription would be cancelled and no charge made.

    This company should be prosecuted !
    Yehoshua Sivan


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