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Clearwire is dead (officially).

Clearwire DriversAfter a few months of uncertainty, Sprint is finally shutting down the Clear and Clearwire WiMax networks across the country.  My Clear Hub Express no longer gets a signal here in NYC.

In the meantime, the former Clear websites are no longer hosting anything, and all requests result in a “page not found” error.

If you’re looking for drivers or firmware updates for the old WiMax devices or laptops, it seems the only way to get them now in this post-Clearwire world is the Clearwire Drivers Archive site:

Clearwire Drivers

So long Clearwire. Farewell, WiMax! It has been a good run! Hope you find your way to “Obsolete Network Technology” heaven!

FI9821W – Big firmware update (finally)

FI9821WFoscam has finally released a sizable firmware update to address the many issues/bugs/inconsistencies with their popular 9821W HD Wireless security camera.

Highly anticipated features include:

  • Added support for MJPEG HTTP URL stream, and JPEG capture, similar to older MJPEG camera functionality
  • Fixed many items related to email, FTP, and general security concerns (say goodbye to stupid default pre-configured users!)
  • Fixed bugs and added setting to adjust the pan/tilt, especially when the camera resets/turns on.

View the full change log or just go get the update!