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iPhone Update Version 9.3.5

Update your iPhone right now

iPhone Update Version 9.3.5A chain of Zero-day exploits was used to target a human-rights defender in the United Arab Emirates.  The researchers describe the process of simply texting a link to an iPhone, allowing them to remotely install malicious spyware to any iPhone from iOS 7 to the brand new iOS 9.3.4! Remotely jail-breaking an iPhone from a link or SMS is about the worst kind of exploit you can have.

And there is, of course, no doubt that OUR government makes use of these kind of back-doors all day long, but with this one being discussed in the wild, it is only a matter of time before it spreads like wildfire. Apple responded promptly to the notification given by the research team, and have pushed iOS 9.3.5 in response.

Anyway, go to: Settings->General->Software Update and get 9.3.5!


Clearwire is dead (officially).

Clearwire DriversAfter a few months of uncertainty, Sprint is finally shutting down the Clear and Clearwire WiMax networks across the country.  My Clear Hub Express no longer gets a signal here in NYC.

In the meantime, the former Clear websites are no longer hosting anything, and all requests result in a “page not found” error.

If you’re looking for drivers or firmware updates for the old WiMax devices or laptops, it seems the only way to get them now in this post-Clearwire world is the Clearwire Drivers Archive site:

Clearwire Drivers

So long Clearwire. Farewell, WiMax! It has been a good run! Hope you find your way to “Obsolete Network Technology” heaven!

Pre-order the hottest 60Hz 4k monitor now!

The long awaited Samsung 28″ 4k LED monitor is up on Amazon right now for Pre-order for $699. While there are cheaper alternatives out there, this is the first display that does 4k at 60Hz refresh (via DisplayPort) for less than $1000.

Samsung 28" 4k 60Hz

As a developer, I can’t wait to see my desktop with all the extra real estate. It also comes with PiP with the two HDMI ports. Folks really seem to be excited about this, but I don’t see the draw on this feature, as I have many monitors on my desk.  It is important to note that the HDMI connections are limited to 30Hz, so if you get this, make sure you also have a DisplayPort output to really take advantage of this thing.

I just pre-ordered, and my estimated ship date is April 21.

Here’s the link to buy:


Stupid, racist woman calls 911 because cab driver is “Very Muslim”

Prepare to be enraged!

Jennifer Crabbe is a worthless piece of crap that is very scared of Muslims. Now, I usually give people the benefit of the doubt when I watch a short internet clip of someone being an idiot… “Well, we don’t know the whole story” … “Well, this person could have just had a very bad thing happen to her” .. that is usually what I tell myself.

Not this time. 30 seconds in to this video is when I knew I hated this woman, and everything about her.  What makes her little stunt even more annoying is the fact the way she initiates the phone conversations with each of the dispatchers:

Dispatch: “911, whats your emergency?”
Worthless bitch: “Hello!”
Dispatch: “…uhh”
Worthless bitch: “How are you?”
Dispatch “…” 
Worthless bitch: “I’m scared!” 

I’m ready to punch the wall! The only thing that makes me feel better about this world is that she is being accused of a hate crime.

Google Hangouts kills the ability to place outbound calls

google_hangouts_callingLike many, I use Google services for email, voice, and messaging… it is pretty much my primary mode of communication in one form or another.  I’ve been very happy for years with my Google Voice + Gmail + Gtalk setup…. until today… when I realized that I could not dial into my conference bridge for my 8am meeting.

“Wait- there’s GOT to be a way to do this”, I thought to myself.

Nope. After digging around on the Google Voice forums, it was confirmed: You can no longer place outbound calls from Google Hangouts, Gmail, or the Chrome extension.

Google is moving real-time communication to their new “Hangouts” platform (or at least the look-and-feel). This means that Voice, SMS, chats, video calls will eventually all be contained in Hangouts, instead of having different interfaces all over the magical world of Google applications. This is a great thing… but it doesn’t seem like they are ready for prime-time.

The official response from Google:

“Today’s version of Hangouts doesn’t yet support outbound calls on the web and in the Chrome extension, but we do support inbound calls to your Google Voice number. We’re working hard on supporting both, and outbound/inbound calls will soon be available.”

I guess I’m just thankful they aren’t dropping Google Voice entirely, which is a valid concern these days when it comes to Google.