Free Google Glass Invites – Who wants one?

google_glass_invitesGoogle is throwing out “invite your friends” emails to current Glass owners.  This is similar to the process used to roll out gmail 7 or 8 years ago.

So I’ve got one invite sitting here…. what should I do with it?


5 thoughts on “Free Google Glass Invites – Who wants one?

  1. Peter

    I want it! I just randomly found your cool blog by accident when Googling how to get an eFax refund. But I realize this is an old post and you have probably given away the invite already…

  2. Roman

    Probably too late, but if you want to give it to the android developer, so support good programs for glasses (or if you want to create one) I will be glad. Thanks

    1. David Post author

      You sir, are in luck. I just got a fresh batch this morning. Please reply back with your gmail address and I will send it over. (You can put the gmail address in “email address” here as a reply on the blog and I will be the only one that can see it).


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